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Flava flav dating show


The third season of the VH1 reality television series Flavor of Love brings female contestants into the mansion of Flavor Flav to compete for his love.

The third season premiered on February 11,featuring 25 contestants. First aired February 11, 2. The show begins with 21 women waiting outside the mansion. Flavor Flav arrives in his limousine with Big Rick, he then talks to the ladies and tells them that this Flava flav dating show the last time he will try to find love.

Flav lets the women go inside the mansion and they trash the place by running, yelling, and breaking things as they try to find their beds.

Flavor Flav later calls the ladies down for their nicknames and he is shocked to find twins on the show. He then holds a mixer to get to know the ladies better. He then calls down Thing 2 for Flava flav dating show final clock and states that he can't separate them so he stretches the clock rope so they can both wear it. Flav also notices that four of the five ladies that were eliminated were online winners. First aired February 18, 2. With only 16 girls left, drama slowly arises. Rayna accused the girls of taking a bottle of her perfume, but she is later seen on the balcony talking to Tik, revealing that she did not really lose anything.

This Flava flav dating show the other girls to believe that Rayna may only be in the house for camera time. The challenge was the hospital challenge in which the girls had to impress Flavor Flav with their "nursing" skills.

Flava flav dating show girls such as Rayna and Tik had weird presentations, and while other girls stood out amongst the rest to Flavor Flav; Ice had a creative presentation in which she asked Flav to throw darts at New York's face. Flavor Flav enjoyed Hotlanta the most because she got him a clock dedicated to one of his songs. The three girls were crowned challenge winners and participated in a group date with Flav.

The date was a sky dive, and Hotlanta was initially Flava flav dating show, but she knew if she didn't do it, she would not develop a connection with Flav. After the date, Ice told Flav that Rayna was one the fakest girls in the house. During the group date, the girls in the house were Flava flav dating show motivational speaker, Sheryl Lee Ralph.

She asked the Flava flav dating show to be nice to each other, and during that time, Shy and El revealed how they lost their parents. All of the girls seemed to be moved by that session, except for Sinceer, who chose to not pay any attention to Sheryl Lee Ralph nor get emotional because she only cared about Flav.

Seemingly, they all played charades, in which they acted out each other. After someone impersonated how Sinceer drank a lot, she got mad and then did an impersonation of Seezinz, where she stood up with her arms on her hips and said she was a nobody. Word got up to Seezinz, and she went up to confront Sinceer, which ended up in them yelling at each other. Because of this, Seezinz suggested Flavor Flav that he should eliminate Sinceer, due to their earlier argument.

Instead, Flav eliminated El, Tik, and St. Flav felt El wasn't trying enough, he couldn't remember who St. Lewis was, and he felt that Tik was too crazy and strange for him to have a good connection.

The 13 ladies wake up and Flav calls a meeting. Everyone comes down, but Flav notices Flava flav dating show is not there.

This is because she took her time in order to look nice. He sends Flava flav dating show to get her and she eventually comes down. Flav challenges them to make a restaurant for him. Both teams then picked names out of hats in order to decide who would be manager, and Grayvee was drawn for Team A, while Rayna was chosen for Team B.

Team A discusses the name and decides to name it after Flav's youngest son, Karma. Flava flav dating show sees a reindeer and realizes that they should take it, since she knows Flav loves reindeer. However, Rayna disagrees, saying that it is tacky "Flava flav dating show" won't fit into the theme; She even says to the camera that she's the manager and nobody else's opinion counts. They don't take it, but the other team does.

Shy says that she will knock Rayna out if they lose because of that. After they finish, Flav brings a food critic over and they visit their first restaurant, Karma's.

They are greeted by the twins and sit down. Bunz comes in Flava flav dating show deliver the food she cooked: The critic notices the giant reindeer and Flav tells him that Flava flav dating show loves it. After they're finished, they go to the second restaurant. Flav and the critic don't like Rayna's style of high-class as it doesn't suit Flav. The menus come and Flav is disappointed at his name being spelled "Flava", when that is not the right spelling.

He is also disappointed with Myammee Flava flav dating show Hotlanta, who he had discussed this with and they still had gotten it wrong.

The food comes and the critic worries that he might be risking his health if he eats it. Prancer tries to cheer the mood up by rolling out in her Heely's and bringing cheesecake which she Flava flav dating show they got from the Cheesecake Factory. After they're done, the food critic tells what he did and didn't like from each teams food.

From Team A, he said someone can't make chicken wings well and the gumbo was too salty. When Rayna heard this, she said to Flava flav dating show camera she knew they had it in the bag.

Flavor of Love is an...

They also like Team A's theme Mardi Gras. For Team B, the food critic didn't like anything about their food and that it could be deadly. He also thought that the theme wasn't Flav; the theme was more of an upper class restaurant. Team A is voted the winner. Shy was furious with Rayna because Flav mentioned that he did like the reindeer. Grayvee, the manager of Team A, goes on a solo date with Flav.

They went to Flavs favorite and most "romantic" restaurant, Flava flav dating show Romas. Grayvee makes a comment stating that she loves eating pigsfeet with greens and cornbread and Flav says he hates them and if he would've Flava flav dating show she liked them, he would have named her that.

The rest of the team later Flava flav dating show goes ice-skating with Flav. Sinceer makes an insult about Bunz's mother, who has brain damage, and Flav is not happy with that. Meanwhile, back in the house, Prancer answers a phone call for Ice from her radio station.

She hears Ice is here to gain popularity and that she's pretty much giving an interview on Flava flav dating show house phone. Before elimination, Prancer goes to tell Flav that Ice is fake. He talks to Ice, who, says none of it is true. Shy then comes in the room and tells him that Rayna claims she only wants to make it to the Top Rayna is brought into the room after that and she says is really here for him. At elimination, before Sinceer is given her clock, she must apologize to Bunz.

She does, but admits on camera that it was not genuine. There's one clock left and it comes down to Ice, Myammee, and Rayna. Flav calls Ice down and tells her that her time is up.

Ice leaves and says to the camera she was just getting to know Flav as a person and she hopes to make her career bigger now. Flav calls down Myammee and Rayna and states that a man will be lucky to have Flava flav dating show one of them.

Flav then tells Rayna he is really feeling Myammee.

As it turns out Flavor...

Rayna says it's been real, and thus the last internet winner has been eliminated. The contestants play in a "flavorette" roast. The first team had roasted Hotlanta. The second team roasted Shy. During the roast, it was revealed that Hotlanta had bump on her lip. Flav is apprehensive of bumps, since Beatuful from season two had a cold sore. The first team wins and Shy was the best roaster, so she got a solo date. The rest of the team went on a group date. Flav also decided to bring Bee-Ex, because she was really good, even though her team didn't win.

Later on, a doctor checked Hotlanta, and she ended up having a pimple. This saved her from going home. At elimination, Grayvee was eliminated because Flav thought she was "too country", he didn't like pigfeet, and they didn't have a good connection. Flav asks the ladies to read a bedtime story to some little kids. The next Flava flav dating show is Seezinz, Hotlanta, and Sinceer. The group decides the best strategy is to entice the kids.

Seezinz give kids pots and pans to bang on during the story, and she engages one kid by having her free the mermaid played by Hotlanta. The involvement was good, but the story was lacking according to the kids and Flav. The final team is Bunz, Myammee, and Shy. At Flava flav dating show last moment, Bunz and Shy switch costumes.

The costume ends up being too tight on Bunz, causing the audience was see her butt, and she was only wearing a thong. Even though they had a good story and they passed out candy, the incident with Bunz got them eliminated from the running. Flav declares the first team the winner. We don't think that anyone could forget the epic amazing-ness that was Flavor Flav and Co. giving his favorite women Flava flav dating show and all the antics.

With Flavor Flav, Ricky B....

As it turns out Flavor Flav and Tiffany "New York" Pollard found quite the history ever Flava flav dating show they first met on VH1's reality show Flavor of Love. With Flavor Flav, Ricky B. Head, Dion Graham, Tiffany Pollard. Join him and his female contestants on a show full of laughs and raw chicken. Release Date.

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