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Do woman enjoy penetration

Porn archive Do woman enjoy penetration.

I think penetration is kind of the point for a woman too.

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Even though a lot of women need their clitoris rubbed during sex, penetration does feel really good. And mentally it does feel different then having your clitoris rubbed. Obviously I can't know for sure but the feeling is probably comparable to getting a handjob verses having sex.

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Even if the person is able to stimulate you better with their hand, there is something very mentally satisfying with having them in you or being in them, in a guys case. My only guess in the difference would be a guy feeling accepted in sex but for a woman there is probably little more feeling of being open enough mentally to accept him.

I'm not saying all that goes through your head but I'm sure it plays a part in the mental enjoyment.

It feels nice to let someone inside you and want them there. I can orgasm through penetration alone, but even if I don't, I still find it enjoyable to be penetrated. I love the feeling of being "filled", its still pleasurable even if I don't orgasm, and I like the Do woman enjoy penetration of it i.

I feel like I'm waiting forever and it's a bit frustrating. You're lucky you can have vaginal orgasms because like most women I really cannot. Penetration whether you climax from it or not feels pretty darn good and of course if things are being done at there Do woman enjoy penetration the penis is stimulating the g spot and that will lead to a much greater chance of having a fantastic orgasm.

And Guys the penis doesn't have to be large to feel Do woman enjoy penetration in us. Remember when you are fingering us how tight that little hole is, but it stretches a mile. To have my lover enter inside me and fill that feminine void is the ultimate enjoyment of being a woman. If definitely feels good to have a penis inside me.

I enjoy it very much and crave it all the time. You're right,a woman does not have an orgasm with penetration alone-hopefully the man they are with realizes this,and takes his time touching,kissing,caressing,and making the woman cum. I don't care if I don't orgasm every time my boyfriend and I have sex.

But I love having sex with my boyfriend. I want to have sex with my boyfriend but I'm just going to wait until he's my husband because he's worth it and that special to me. I think it feels really good and if he Do woman enjoy penetration my g spot then I can orgasm pretty fast. But even if I don't have an orgasm, I still think it feels good to have him inside me. To start my advice is to put a little bit of pressure on your clitoris, do not stroke it, just press it in a bit, and get penetrate from different angles, speed, intensity and take note on how your body reacts to it.

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The clitoris is powerful and fastand u can easily loose all the sexual tension u have been accumulating, just tease it, dont engage to the point you have to come, but then if u stop it ll frustrate u. It is just a matter of discovering your self and having a patientloving and understanding partner. And the emotional, and mental part is a fact, one of the best part of penetration is knowing that we are driving him crazy with our vagina.

For some women it does...

Even if I dont climax, I still crave it from my boyfriend. I just really enjoy how it feels.

We also feel stretched, filled...

Lol dude, I asked my girl if she likes it, And she said totally she does, especially inside her butt. Only did a dp with her once with my best friend. It was absolutely the hottest sex she'd ever had and still to this day 10 years later says it was the best orgasm she's ever had.

Both I and my friend are well hung he beats me by a cpl of inches, 8 and 10 respectively so i took her ass. Man i wish she had never gone back to her husband. But yeah some women luv dp.

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Do women enjoy penetration? Now obviously, men enjoy penetration during sex. It's pretty much the point for us.

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But for women, who normally don't have orgasms from penetration or through having a penis in them, is penetration enjoyable? Do you just want to have your man inside of you?

I guess what I'm trying to ask is: How much hair "down there" do you prefer on your Significant Other? Why do guys wake up hard sometimes?

My dudes, are you happy with your knob size? How exciting it is to have sex in rain?

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