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Asshole by dennis leary kerioke

Nude photos Asshole by dennis leary kerioke.

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Have you ever taken a cold shower? Multiply that by 15 million times and that's how pissed off the dude's gonna be.

I'm as blind as they come, and I find this halarious. I probably need help.

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Sometimes I park, in handicapped spaces, while handicapped people, make handicapped faces. I sing this song to myself when I go Xmas shopping! I'm just an average Joe with a regular job I dont thin the kind of assholes you are talking to would admit it as such by listening to this song.

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It is my last day of work I have kicked my Asshole by dennis leary kerioke up on my desk and I am just smiling while listening to this song Only 2 more hours!!!!

I gotta go out and have fun at other people's expense I piss on the seat all the time but I don't make a song about it. I don't really - I'm actually a very considerate toilet user.

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We love Ya Denis! Ya Alien - www. While handicaped people make handicaped faces!? I feel like I'd be cursing myself if I laughed at that Don't want to see ads?

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