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Ask a man what the magic formula is for turning on a woman sexually and you're likely to be met with a heaving shrug.

For years, scientists have been just as perplexed.

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And to a large degree, arousal has mystified even women themselves. But "Male female sexuality images," a handful of sex researchers have gotten on the case — and their fascinating findings may help improve your sex life. One of the most intriguing research nuggets to emerge: While male sexuality is fairly predictable — they tend to be aroused by naked women and naked women hooking up with other naked women — female sexuality is stimulated by a surprisingly wide array of turn-ons.

For the guys, the findings were straightforward enough: The straight men in the study were physically aroused by women, gay men were aroused by men, and neither group felt any stirrings for the apes. The men's physical reactions erections were in agreement with Male female sexuality images they reported being turned on by. The women in the study, on the other hand, didn't react as predictably. While they reported feeling aroused in the ways you might expect straight women were turned on by men, lesbians by womenmeasurements of their vaginal blood flow showed that they were physically aroused by all the forms Male female sexuality images coupling they saw — even the bonobos.

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Still, when asked after viewing them to report which images they found titillating, most of them chose only those which matched up with their sexual orientation. The women in Chivers's study were aroused by all the images — but that doesn't mean they desired to have sex with the people or animals they saw.

Many women wonder things like "When am I going to get to the gym? Brotto offers two possible explanations: There's a physical explanation, too. As counter-intuitive as this may sound, men are more in tune with their bodies than women are.

Guys typically notice and touch their genitals at a younger age by virtue of the fact that a boy's are more visible than a girl's. They also begin masturbating earlier. Or sometimes it's just that the mind takes a while to catch up. Ever since sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson revolutionized Male female sexuality images about Male female sexuality images sexual function and dysfunction in the s and s, conventional wisdom has held that there's a linear progression: People feel desire and then become aroused; the physical sensations intensify and it all ends Male female sexuality images one big earth-shattering orgasm.

But current research is showing that Male female sexuality images some women, desire doesn't necessarily come first. The sexual contact may be what gets you in the mood. She may be stressed or tired or, to Brotto's point, focusing on a million other things.

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Rates of women who are opting for preventive Male female sexuality images, such as Angeline Jolie, have increased by an estimated 50 percent in recent years, experts say. But many doctors are puzzled because the operation doesn't carry a percent guarantee, it's major surgery -- and women have other options, from a once-a-day pill to careful monitoring. Male female sexuality images idea is to enable women to stay focused on sex by integrating the physical with the mental so Male female sexuality images mental excitement can heighten physical arousal and vice versa.

To achieve this, imagine putting your wandering thoughts on a conveyor belt and watching them slowly roll away. Brotto advises next getting familiar with your body by examining and touching yourself during or after a shower, experimenting with what feels good. When you're ready, work toward incorporating the focusing exercise while you're aroused, either alone or with your partner. Eventually you'll become attuned to what you're feeling during sex rather than letting your thoughts escape the bedroom.

A slightly different aspect of desire has been the focus of studies by University of Utah psychologist Lisa Diamond, Ph. She's been interviewing a group of roughly women for nearly 15 years, asking them questions about changes in their sexual cravings and reactions Male female sexuality images time.

One of Male female sexuality images subjects is a straight woman who became intimate with her female roommate. Diamond has been grappling with the question of why some friendships take a turn toward the physical while most don't, and she's drawn some preliminary conclusions. In cases where both women identify themselves as heterosexual, a series of what she calls "situational factors" come into play.

One is relationship status: If neither woman has a boyfriend, they're more likely to become strongly emotionally invested in the friendship. The other is proximity: There's something very powerful about spending a lot of time together — as roommates, travel partners, or close colleagues, Diamond says.

The woman in the study Male female sexuality images up in a two-year "Male female sexuality images" with the roommate, after which she went back to sleeping with men. Diamond's research reiterates the fact that female desire defies easy categorization.

University of Nevada psychologist Marta Meana, Ph. Meana originally set out to see how men's and women's visual attention patterns differ from one another when they look at erotic images — in this case, very sexy shots of nearly naked people in a panoply of sexual positions.

Meana outfitted her research subjects with eye-tracking goggles, which measured eye movement per millisecond. They spent "Male female sexuality images" of their time looking at the women. In women, there was an almost split.

She acknowledges that they may have been turned on by images of other women, but she thinks it's more likely that they were trying to Male female sexuality images themselves up — a finding supported by some of her previous Male female sexuality images, which found that sexual desire boils down to how a woman feels about herself; specifically, how she feels about her body.

Women have to be convinced that they are desirable in order to believe that anyone else finds them desirable. If you Male female sexuality images been in the mood lately, it might be because you're feeling unattractive gained a few pounds, noticed your breasts sagging, spotted a new dimple of celluliteand figure your man couldn't possibly think you look hot.

In her private counseling practice, Meana sees many couples in which the woman "will completely avoid certain sex positions because she's embarrassed by how she thinks her body looks. But the husband hasn't even thought of that. He's shocked 'That's why you won't get on top? Because you think your breasts sag?! Sometimes, the key to better sex might be repairing your relationship with yourself.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but Meana works with her patients to help them figure out what would make them feel desirable. For some women, it might be as easy as buying sexy lingerie. For others, it might be overcoming physical insecurities by adopting a new workout routine. One thing she doesn't recommend, though, is dimming the lights during sex even using candlelight! Meana's research may be easier to digest than Chivers's or Diamond's, both of which point out women's potential to desire some rather shocking things.

But according to Leiblum, all of these theories are loosely connected. You can feel these because you have an intense emotional relationship with another person. Or maybe you're looking at sexy pictures and something gets triggered.

There are many roads Male female sexuality images Rome. Regardless of their Male female sexuality images take on the subject, all the researchers offer the same advice: Don't worry about how you're supposed to feel.

The right ones might be "Does this feel right? Indulging in what your body and mind naturally crave doesn't necessarily define sexual interest, but it may pave the way to even more self-discovery about what turns you on Sexual health on NBCNews. Male female sexuality images male sexuality is fairly predictable, research suggests that female sexuality is stimulated by a surprisingly wide array of turn-ons. Most active discussions votes comments.

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Part 1—Are Male Brains Hard-Wired to See Females as Sex Objects? As soon as the lust-inspiring image registers in their brain, they become turned-on—not. Why have scientists Male female sexuality images so slow to understand women's sexuality, asks Rachel Nuwer. By Rachel Nuwer / Images by Olivia Howitt We're also coming to realise that male and female desire might not be as dissimilar as.

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