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Dating a really dumb girl

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The show originally aired Dating a really dumb girl November 12, The plot follows Peter losing his fingers after an accident while holding fireworks. Behind on his work and threatened with the possibility of dismissal, he asks Lois to catch up on his work for him, to which she agrees. However, he repeatedly attempts to seduce her, eventually succeeding, distracting her from the work.

Meanwhile, Brian begins dating a woman named Jillian who, much to Stewie's delight, lacks general knowledge and intelligence. The episode was written by Steve Callaghan and directed by Greg Colton. It received mostly mixed reviews from critics for its storyline and many cultural references. According to Nielsen ratingsthe episode was viewed in 9.

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The opening title sequence is different from many other episodes in that Peter trips during the theme song and injures a stage dancer consequently puncturing her lung. Also, Stewie comes towards the camera screen and suggests they cut from the opening sequence.

Quagmire returns home Dating a really dumb girl a holiday in Florida and comes to the Griffins' house to tell Peter that he has smuggled some fireworks into Quahog by hiding them in his anus. Peter tells him that fireworks aren't illegal in Quahog, so he didn't need to hide them and could have just brought them in normally, but Quagmire doesn't see any fun in doing that.

Later on, the Griffins and Quagmire start to play with the fireworks. Peter attaches ten Ms together and shows Quagmire. However, the Ms detonate, detaching all the fingers from his right hand. With Joe 's help, Peter is able to find "Dating a really dumb girl" fingers and later gets them reattached to his hand.

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The next day, Peter celebrates getting his fingers reattached by going to The Drunken Clam with ClevelandJoe and Quagmire, and they decide to continue their celebrations at Pawtucket Brewery after the bar closes. Peter is behind on his work at the brewery, as he is unable to type due to his Dating a really dumb girl injury, and Angela threatens him with the prospect of being fired if he fails to catch up, so he asks Lois to help him.

When Lois agrees to help Peter catch up with his work, Peter attempts to seduce her numerous times. Later at the brewery, after a final attempt to seduce Lois in his office, she gives in and they have sex in front of their co-worker Opie, who runs away screaming. In the end, Peter is caught up with his work and enjoys having Lois help out and have sex with him.

Meanwhile, Stewie finds out that Brian has a new girlfriend. Brian later reluctantly allows Stewie Dating a really dumb girl meet his new girlfriend, Jillian. Stewie discovers she is a dumb blondeand mocks Brian.

Jillian visits "Dating a really dumb girl" house, where Peter and Chris take an instant liking to her while Lois and Stewie find her stupidity amusing.

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The next day, Brian goes out with Jillian, where he meets her equally unintelligent friends. Stewie tells Brian that the relationship will not succeed. Brian visits Jillian's apartment to end the relationship with Stewie waiting in his carbut he is distracted by her naked body when she answers the door and he has sex with her instead. Stewie apparently anticipated this when he returns three hours later, turns on the Dating a really dumb girl, plays his Dating a really dumb girl tape, and starts singing to the tune of Gary Numan 's " Cars ": The character of Jillian "Dating a really dumb girl" altered several times by the show producers before its original airing; however, the final character personality was designed to be that of "a bulimic cheerleader.

Recurring guest voice actor John G. Actor Patrick Warburton also appeared in the episode as well. Show creator Seth MacFarlane claims on the DVD commentary track that, unlike most Family Guy episodes, this episode has no cultural references or references to real-world events except for Chris calling Meg " David Koresh " when they play with fireworks and the cutaway of Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland spending last Saturday with the Lord of Darkness from Legend.

Quagmire admits that he is the most knowledgeable about the show because he is a pilot and the show focuses on two pilots. When Peter goes to look at his secret stash of pornographythe intro from Get Smart is referenced. Stewie asks Brian if Jillian has an alibiand Brian says no.

Stewie starts singing the song " U. Brian sets up a cutaway when he says that breaking up with Jillian will be tougher than the reviews for Our American Cousin. The ensuing gag shows the actors looking for mention of their play following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

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In a slight improvement over the previous week, the episode was viewed in 9. The episode also acquired a 3. IGN 's Dan Iverson gave a mixed review, commenting that "it is only passable" and that "it did not have that laugh out loud funny" concept. Iverson added that it's "pretty humorous in this episode was how they made fun of mediocre films. The entire scene of Buzz Killington discussing bridges to Peter and his friends in a flashback is Barrymore's favorite scene.

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Are more and more women really choosing Dating a really dumb girl be in relationships with Why would a woman want to date some dumb jock when she could. According to Fisher's numbers, men desire smart, strong, successful women; 87 percent of men said they would date a woman who was more intellectual than.

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