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Best way to approach speed dating

Nude gallery Best way to approach speed dating.

Loads of single women all in one room with the sole aim of meeting their ideal guy; sounds great right? At Social Attraction, we have a community filled with all of our previous and existing clients that have been speed dating for over a decade.

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Speed dating is a wonderful opportunity to allocate specific time where we know that we are going to be able to meet single women; often this can take some pressure off feeling lonely and single as this offers hope. In a nutshell, speed dating is a good idea and after reading this article you should look to book your first event.

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So when we are attending speed dating events we have to ensure that we are sub-communicating other attractive qualities to counteract this concern. One great strategy to implement is to get to the event early and speak to the other men who are attending as it enables us to get warmed up conversationally.

Many of us will search online for the best questions to ask women at a speed dating event; the issue is that most of us then end up asking girls the same types of questions time and again.

From a female perspective, this instantly makes us come across as boring, unimaginative and lacking social awareness. One great way to combat this is to make statements as opposed to asking questions.

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