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Best lube for sensitive skin

Nude Photo Galleries Best lube for sensitive skin.

Lubricants are not just for older couples, or for anal fun, although these are consumers that will certainly benefit from lubes. Everyone should try a good lube at least once to experience the difference for themselves. Even women who generally have no dryness issues can benefit from the enhancing experience of lube.

Water-based lubes are smooth and slippery. They wash from the body easily too.

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A big pro for some is that water-based lubes are condom compatible; a must if you rely on condoms for contraception.

Water-based products absorb into your body, and vaginal membranes are thinner than the rest of your skin.

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You may also have to re-apply water-based lubes as they can dry up quicker than oil-based versions. Water-based lubricants may also contain glycerine, which some women are sensitive too. Always wash off lube to avoid any bouts of thrush or soreness. No falling asleep now! Often seen as a half-way house between water and oil, silicone lubes can provide the best of both worlds.

Oh, and they work in water for shower-time fun too.

Surely silicone must be the best lubricant for women you say? Well, possibly not because…. Plus, they can stain and require more cleaning up than water-based versions. Oil-based lubricants are heavier in texture and stick around longer than water or silicone products.

They can be a bed-sheet killer.


Also, condoms and toys can get damaged by the oil which breaks down rubber. Always check the instructions. Oil-based versions can be tricky to Best lube for sensitive skin off your body, and sometimes they can taste like Vaseline. Their cloying, artificial smell may remind you of new bike tyres. OK, so now you have some information — brace yourselves, here we go on a lubed up rollercoaster ride in no particular order.

This premium lube is applied directly to the clitoris and labia, and may provide some orgasm-enhancing sensations. Their official website claims HerSolution Gel is doctor approved because it featured on The Doctors TV show, where it was recommended as a way to combat vaginal dryness. The best lubricant for women ought to increase the chances of an orgasm, so this may be one to try.

A good lubricant may also...

The ingredients in its organic range are certified organic botanicals, which are added to the Sliquid Naturals core range. These botanicals are said to condition skin and are free of parabans, sulphates and other nasty ingredients.

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Some lubes include perfumes and colourings, Best lube for sensitive skin the best lubricants for women should be as natural as possible, making this one a winner.

Vigorelle is marketed as a libido-enhancing lube. It has all-natural ingredients which claim to provoke deeper, more intense sensations than ever before. The blend is formulated from plant extracts, including blood-flow stimulants such as L-Arginine.

This lube is a popular water-based choice, and its added libido-enhancing claims may make it a great lube. Yes really, this kitchen ingredient is hailed as a cracking lubricant.

Problems with this oil are that it stains the sheets, is difficult to wash off, and can get too slippery.

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That said, it smells fantastic and no-one will know what you are up too when you buy Best lube for sensitive skin at the supermarket. Plus, you can fry up some post-coital crepes if the mood takes you. Some say the best lubricant for women is getting their partner to cook! Shakespeare is turning over his grave right now, but the concept is good because the best lubricant for women might not be the best lubricant for men.

The KY lubes are readily available in pharmacies and super-markets.

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They are good Best lube for sensitive skin too, which makes them great for beginners who are searching for their favourite lube. Unfortunately, this product has nothing to do with sexy female car mechanics, but all is not lost. If you like vanilla. Want to experience the Zestra Rush? The Zestra rush is a tingling, warming sensation that Zestra claims takes place when their oil is rubbed into the clitoris and labia.

The Kardashians probably know a bit about the best lubricant for women. This was one of the first lubes about and remains pretty popular. Their water-based sensitive skin lube could be good for women with sensitive skin or allergies. This lube is water-based and comes in different sizes.

Choosing a lube that your...

Perfect if you want to find the best lube without spending too much cash. If you are looking for organic, then this is a winner. This may stop irritation occurring. Yes comes in an oil-based version too, which can also be used as a massage oil.

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Yes has many ethical awards under its slippery belt, but is it the best lubricant for women? Discover the magic — Oooo!

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Valentra is an organic, water-based topical cream that may boost libido in women. There are no known side-effects from this cream, in fact Valentra believe its ingredients may even be good for you. Jump in and start experimenting.

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