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Orgasm on bus story

Sexy Galleries Orgasm on bus story.

I shivered in the cold spring rain, cursing the fact that I had Orgasm on bus story take the bus. I realized I was being choked by cigarette smoke. I grunted in disapproval and looked to see where it was coming from. My eyes settled on a tall, thin man wearing tight jeans and a shirt that said Jesus Loves Me This Much! I Orgasm on bus story at the statement, then scowled again as he blew smoke directly at my face.

His lips curled into an insolent grin right before I turned away. Anger made my cold cheeks tingle. I pouted at the chocolate milk colored puddles my brand new boots were drowning in. I saw his reflection in the water, occasionally broken up by a fat raindrop. As the bus roared to a stop I lined up behind the tired cleaning ladies and the screeching teenagers. His breath stirred the damp hair at the back of my neck.

My nipples hardened, and I wondered whether it was the cold…or him. A crackhead knocked the people in front of me to the ground.

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His arms circled my waist and kept me upright. I climbed aboard the crowded bus and a kind gentleman got up so I could sit down. The mystery man sat down opposite me, legs spread wide so anyone could see his cock straining in his tight jeans. I rolled my eyes and dug in my purse for some tissue to wipe the muddy water off my boots.

Heat rose up from Orgasm on bus story collar bone, tingled in my cheeks, then moved to my scalp. I shook the feeling off and continued to clean myself.

The man across the way was looking at me with a strange, intense expression. When I cocked an eyebrow at him, he blushed and crossed his legs. As I threw the dirty tissue underneath the seat, I froze with humiliation. I realized with mortification that while I was contorting to clean the mud off my boots, I had given Orgasm on bus story a first row look at my goodies.

My skin burned from the tops of my erect nipples up to my scalp. I looked to see whether I Orgasm on bus story made the elderly latino woman sitting beside him have a stroke. She pointedly avoided my gaze, one of her perfectly penciled in brows raised in righteous disdain.

I cursed the rain, got off at the next stop and ran under the awning of a Korean market.

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I ran between the cars while crossing the street Orgasm on bus story try to lose him, but he was agile and gaining on me. Up ahead there was a wide alley beside a laundromat. I ducked into it and ran behind a Dumpster filled with empty detergent boxes Orgasm on bus story perfumed the humid air.

Something ground on the pavement behind me. His short black hair had turned to dripping points in the rain. His other hand covered my mouth to muffle my scream. My eyes widened big as quarters with fear, but his face remained impassive. He pushed me up against the wet brick wall. If you try to scream, you are going to regret it. I took a deep breath and touched my lip to see if I was bleeding.

I could hear him breathing, deep and slow. His free hand touched my thigh and squeezed, then moved up higher, to my inner thigh.

He slammed my arm against the brick so hard it took my breath away.

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His hips ground my ass to the wall painfully. His fingers found my pussy. I cursed the Dumpster that stopped anyone from seeing us from the street. His fingers were eager and rough inside me. He sighed with sick triumph. Rain rolled down my face like tears.

I shook my head no and pouted like a little girl.

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He shoved first one finger, then two, then three in and out of me. My chest began to burn with lack of oxygen. He clucked and growled into my ear as he finger fucked me. He expertly flipped his wrist and unsheathed a switch blade. He pressed it into the place on my neck that bounced with my Orgasm on bus story pulse.

I hiccuped with tears as I got on my knees in front of him. His cock was so hard it nearly popped out the top of his low rider jeans. He pressed the cold blade into my neck so hard it nicked the skin. I undid his fly and his dick fell out, hard and fat.

He grabbed my ponytail firmly enough to let me know there was no escape unless I wanted to go bald. He pulled my head forward and his throbbing cock touched my lips. I opened my mouth and licked the head shyly.

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I folded up like chair and spit up clear mucus. His fist still held my hair firmly. I grabbed him near the head of his cock and licked his swollen tip as tears and rain dripped off my chin.

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I tried to suck slowly down his shaft, but his hips bucked and he gagged me with his cock again. My lips slid easily on the silky skin as I took him into my mouth a little more each time, and my tongue rubbed at his frenulum.

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His pubic hair was sparse and scented with a deep musk that made my mouth water. I was hit with such a huge wave of shame that I pulled away and looked at the ground. He pulled my hair painfully and shoved his cock in my mouth until it stretched my soft palate.

I squeezed his balls gently Orgasm on bus story sucked. My lips swelled and become sensitive as I tasted his salty precum in the back of my throat.

I sucked more eagerly. I rubbed my lips back and forth underneath his shaft until I reached the tip, then stroked firmly. I began to suck the precum Orgasm on bus story of his cock, my mouth tight on his shaft. I took him fully into my mouth.

His grip on my hair tightened. I could smell his sweat, and his legs began to tremble.

I moved my mouth to his balls and sucked them into my mouth. I moaned softly in my throat as licked him and jacked him off.

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I rubbed my mouth slowly back and forth across the wet tip. He pulled me up by the hair so hard I heard tearing and slammed me up against the wall. He pulled at my hips so that my ass stuck out and slid his cock into my already wet pussy without preamble.

I bit my lower lip to stifle a cry at the burning pain in my pussy.

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I found it hard to breathe again. My hands turned to fists on the wall, and fresh tears burned my cheeks.

RuthAnn was back in Chicago....

I began to bite back moans — Not moans of pain, but moans of pleasure. He hit my g-spot so well my knees began to give. The hand that Orgasm on bus story my skirt moved underneath my top and squeezed one of my erect nipples painfully. Before I could stop myself, I guided his fingers to my swollen clit. His cock rammed into me so hard I could feel it underneath my heart.

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He moaned, and I grunted softly as each of his thrusts brought me closer to … I trembled with shame at the thought, but my hips moved with his. His fingers slid eagerly on top of my clit, then moved down. He was so horny he tried to finger me as well as fuck me, but I was too tight. He unceremoniously shoved his pussy soaked fingers in my mouth.

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