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Artaserse franco fagioli dating


Who would have thought that a long-forgotten Baroque opera such as Artaserse by Leonardo Vinci could cause such a huge Artaserse franco fagioli dating Obviously, casting five fine countertenors in the production helped, but I also think it is a testament to the recent Artaserse franco fagioli dating of interest in Baroque operas by composers other than Handel.

It was indeed a grand spectacle fit for the Sun King. At the time Vinci composed Artasersewomen were not allowed on stage in Papal Rome, so all the roles were composed for male singers — five castrati and one tenor. And we certainly had a fine line-up of singers at Versailles. His colourful voice, versatile technique, huge vocal range and stage presence is quite sensational. It was composed to an original libretto by the celebrated Italian poet Pietro Metastasio, which became so popular that it was set more than times by composers including Hasse, Gluck, Jommelli, J.

Artaserse franco fagioli dating with many of Handel's operas with which we are familiar, Artaserse has a surprisingly gripping dramatic plot especially when performed with all the recitatives intact Artaserse franco fagioli dating the characters face various political and personal dilemmas, which gives the composer ample opportunities to write emotionally charged arias. Set in 5th century B. Persia, the opera revolves around political intrigue, filial loyalty, friendship and the relationship between two pairs of lovers.

Artabano, the ambitious prefect of the Royal Guard, attempts to seize the throne by killing Serse, King of Persia. However, by giving the bloodstained sword to his son Arbace to hide, Arbace in turn becomes the suspect of the murder. Arbace insists he is innocent but cannot betray his father. After many twists and turns including a poison plotthe opera reaches a speedy climax: Artabano is forced to confess, Arbace is freed, Artaserse is crowned and the two couples are reunited.

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The stage action begins before the overture: Within this open-plan stage, the opera sets are created by a clever and speedy use of a revolving stage "Artaserse franco fagioli dating" movable partitions. And show-stopping it was indeed! Up to that point, everyone including Fagioli was singing beautifully, with technical finesse, but when Fagioli sang this bravura aria with jaw-dropping virtuosity, the audience simply erupted and raised the roof. Two things entered my mind as I listened: His voice has a sensual quality and also a huge vocal range did he really go up to top D in baroque pitch in the cadenza?

I found myself totally swept away by his singing, even though his continuous and wide vibrato is not really to my taste. I hasten to stress Artaserse franco fagioli dating the other four countertenors were hugely impressive too. Sabadus was highly attractive as the gentle-natured Semira, technically consistent and expressive. As Artaserse, Vince Yi has a wonderfully pure voice with little vibrato.

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He is technically agile and excelled in his cadenzas and ornamentation and with a little more voice projection and stage confidence, he will surely go further. Last, but not least, the tenor Juan Sancho played Artabano as a buffo character and what he lacked in agility he made up with his lively expression. All this colourful singing was controlled brilliantly, but with flexibility, by Artaserse franco fagioli dating Fasolis, directing from the harpsichord.

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In particular, his inventive and often quite bold recitative accompaniment added to the spontaneity of the music-making. I had enjoyed the CD recording of Artaserse by these forces, but Artaserse franco fagioli dating experiencing the work live and staged, I was able to both understand and enjoy this neglected masterpiece at a wholly new level. Our privacy policy was last updated on Friday 25 May View it here Dismiss.

How to add your events "Artaserse franco fagioli dating" Bachtrack. By Nahoko Gotoh23 March Royal Opera House, Paris on 19 March Diego FasolisConductor. Franco FagioliArbace. Vince YiArtaserse. Juan SanchoArtabano. Valer SabadusSemira. Yuriy Artaserse franco fagioli datingMegabise. Silviu PurcareteDirector. An impressively cast revival for Verdi's one-time neglected masterpiece at Covent Garden.

Trust, spontaneity and commitment: A musical bucket list: Ten of the most important cities in classical music history. More by Nahoko Gotoh. Nahoko is a UK-based Japanese music journalist with a background in musicology. She writes regularly for various Japanese media including Ongaku no tomo and Mostly Classic magazines.

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Buy from Amazon. Metastasio's librettos dominated the opera stages of Franco Artaserse franco fagioli dating sings the heroic part of Arbace (the same role he sang for. Release Date: 'Artaserse' was Leonardo Vinci's (no relation whatsoever to the famous artist) last opera, and not only his most Every bit as outstanding, and perhaps even more so, is Franco Fagioli's Arbace, a voice of Artaserse franco fagioli dating beauty.

Artaserse is an opera (dramma per musica) in three acts composed by Leonardo Vinci to an Mandane, Juan Sancho as Artabano, Franco Fagioli as Arbace, Valer Barna-Sabadus as Semira and Yuriy Mynenko as Megabise. . Recording date: Septemberrelease:Label: Virgin Classics also ERATO DVD.

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