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Girl domination gorn

Naked Galleries Girl domination gorn.

Discussion in ' Showcase ' started by MaverikJun 22, The recently praised status wears off after a few days. The mind reading spell will tell you whether they have been recently praised, and I think how long until the praise wears off. Added specializations and new jobs. Link at the first post, or here https: Got the new version.

All of a sudden some of the girls I'm having Girl domination gorn at the shop are earning negative money somehow.

How does that happen? Are they knocking over the merchandise racks and breaking the stock or something? Also, how am I supposed to earn mana to use magic?

an option of spiking her...

None of my girls will sleep with me willingly yet. Am I Girl domination gorn supposed to capture a few girls, rape the shit out of them for mana while they're in jail, then sell them off immediately because they're ruined? Seems like a rather crude way of doing it and doesn't really appeal to me also strikes me as rather odd that girls who hate my guts and who I'm quite explicitly forcing myself on against their will have scene descriptions where they're so obedient and eager.

OK, never Girl domination gorn, worked that out eventually actually, I just completed Emily's and Tisha's quests and they were easy lays. However there does seem to be an irritating bug where the sex screen keeps automatically toggling back to 'Forced' without me choosing or noticingsometimes leading me to accidentally rape one of my girls without meaning to forcing me to reload the last autosave.

Added new tutorial and various tweeks.

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