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Smite forums matchmaking


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Kerillian View Profile View Posts. This is a dead horse. Smite has progressively become unplayable for me Every time I play It's always againt players that have mastery champs WAY above me. Not one mastery X. And it's not ONE player. It's virtually the entire enemy team, and sometimes my team. Sometimes I'll splurge and play a whole bunch of conquests oooh, ! Sometimes I'll even carry. Most times, it's a disaster. And my 'rating' doesn't seem to go down despite how infrequently I play - always against players that play the game every.

It's the equivelent of "git gud" from Dark Souls, only pretending to be actually useful advice. But, oh no, some how in a video "Smite forums matchmaking" based on competitive play with hundreds of gods, abilities, items, Smite forums matchmaking tactics There IS a good game in here.

Especially when I first started playing. Every now and then there's a butt-clenching game that's just fantastic provided no one early surrenders. But again and Smite forums matchmaking I get pushed against this virtual wall of people that have Smite forums matchmaking more experience, play more often than me, and even are ranked.

My nightmare story being matched against a Grandmaster in Solo. I don't expect much to come from it. I don't even know if the creators are paying attention to Steam Smite forums matchmaking days.

What's Going On?

But in all seriousness Are there just not enough players? Last edited by Kerillian ; 25 Jul, Showing 1 - 15 of 26 comments. Drcipres View Profile View Smite forums matchmaking.

We all know how terrible...

Originally posted by Space Dandy:. Hydrataur View Profile View Posts. Hi-Rez doesn't look at these forums and they never have. Go to the official Smite forums or Reddit if you want them to notice. I also think they get enough complaints about matchmaking and are aware of the problem, but it's probably incredibly complicated to do so.

I've played alot of multiplayer games in my life, and none of them had good matchmaking. Last edited by Hydrataur ; 25 Jul, Yeah, as already said, Mastery, no matter what level or how many, does not equal skill.

I've seen people with lots of stars do terribly, and people with mastery 1 do amazingly well. I'm not saying matchmaking is fine and doesn't need any work, it does. Just not based on this reasoning. You seem to be confusing "matchmaking" with being unlucky, sometimes people like to just stick to there mastery 10s for matches they want to win because thats Smite forums matchmaking they are most comftorable with, for example i mainly play geb and he is my comfort pick when i dont know who to play and just reached worshippers on him this weekend YAY!

Last edited by ayebeesea ; 25 Jul, Smite forums matchmaking Ragnoraok View Profile View Posts. SMITE has decent matchmaking, you just have to know the proper times to avoid he influx of crappy "funners. Charmander View Profile View Posts. Mastery doesn't mean anything. Originally posted by "Smite forums matchmaking" Muscles:. Mastery ain't never did not nothing for nobody. I missed my Smite forums matchmaking 30 Matchmaking now im and i play with newbies.

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This doesn't make any sense. Mastery doesn't equal skill? I'm still standing at the shrine, considering what to pick when most people have darted to their lanes.

Smite forums matchmaking not an idiot, I GET that if you're got personal skill, you can out do an opponent.

Smite forums matchmaking. Most extreme...

This is a strategy game, practice Smite forums matchmaking give you an edge. One on one, yeah, I rarely outright lose. But these guys are rotating properly, faster than me, and know what to build in a given situation. They know the "Smite forums matchmaking" relics to pick against the right gods, and know how to use the blasted V calling Smite forums matchmaking on a dime while I struggle to remember what the command for missing is.

These are all minute advantages that build up in a game over time. How, again, is it fair. Technically, I supposed, both can be developed over time, but the second is far harder to 'train'. Doesn't take into consideration games played. Games played as a single champion practiceor games played recently. MAYBE it considers your personal score inside the match, but if it does that, I'm convinced it does it terribly.

And there's Smite forums matchmaking real goddamn reason why. Last edited by Kerillian ; 26 Jul, Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Smite Matchmaking Fixed. For your information, I'm currently silver 2. Why and how am I in a master/grandmaster. Forum, Threads, Posts. Smite. News Keep up with Smite news and updates, as well SmiteFire.

Introductions & Matchmaking Introduce Smite forums matchmaking Find people to. But I'm going to also make another matchmaking post just so High-Res, maybe, gets the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ picture one of these days. Smite has.

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