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Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating


The first season of the show was supposed to be a three-month stint, to give way to another Endemol-produced program Pinoy Dream Academybut its immense popularity caused the show to be extended to a nine-month-long season.

The second season premiered in Juneand was supposed to end in October of the same year. Once again, the show's success amongst viewers resulted in an extended season, a new time slot, and lead programming for the evening news ; the season concluded in January After an month hiatus, the third season of the show premiered in Julyand became the first to also be broadcast on TFC 's North American feed.

The original series of the program ended on March 27, After Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating nearly two-year hiatus, the show returned In February "Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating" Luis Manzano as host. Original presenter Kris Aquino further elaborated that she could not host the show as she was having upcoming commitments for her upcoming drama series, Kailangan Ko'y Ikawwith Anne Curtis. The Philippine version is very similar to the U.

Before the game proper begins, a third party randomly places the possible amount of prize in the briefcases, which are distributed to 26 identically dressed models Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating the 26K who reveal the contents during the game. No one, including the host, knows what amounts are in the cases. Each contestant receives a new, randomly assigned set of cases. After picking a case, the contestant then selects six of the remaining 25 cases, revealed one at a time.

This is followed by a "phone call" by "The Banker", a mysterious figure whose face is not shown at times a silhouette can be seen. He purportedly sits in a skybox situated between the two audience sections and makes an offer, via telephone to the host his voice is never heard to buy the contestant's case based on the mean of the cash amounts still in play, and also based on the player's psychology. This amount is usually lower than the mean.

In more recent episodes, the banker "punishes" a player of opening a large amount by offering a very small amount, despite the number of larger amounts still left in play.

The player is then asked by Kris the title question: Should the contestant refuse the offer by stating "No Deal! The Banker makes another offer, and the game continues as before. The Banker's offer may be higher or lower than the previous offer if a top prize is eliminated, generally the offer decreases; conversely, if lower amounts are eliminated the offer increases significantly. The contestant is shown a button to press in case the contestant takes the banker's offer.

The player can just push the button to take the offer, even without saying "Deal. If the player rejects the final offer, they receive whatever cash amount is contained inside the case that they originally chose. These exchanges have become emotional, particularly when very high and very small amounts remained and The Banker offers a large cash buyout.

The "Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating" supporters are typically revealed after the second Bank deal and before the third round; although if a contestant is doing well, the host will let the game run its course for some time, often consulting the supporters when the tide begins to turn. If in case the contestant decides to "Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating" the offer of the Banker at the end of any round, the host will let him go on "No Deal" instead of "Deal" assumed at that point until the end at the end of every subsequent round, the amount offered by the Banker is revealed to him and "No Deal" is assumed to determine if he made the correct decision.

In the fourth seasondue to the reduced number of briefcases from 26 to 24, the number of briefcases opened in each round is also modified, starting from five in the first round, three in each of the next three rounds, two in each the next three rounds, and one in each the final two rounds.

Gameplay otherwise remains the same, with the exception of a routine option to swap briefcases in the end. The offer to swap briefcases was only given one time during Aquino's tenure. In the fifth seasononce again due to the reduced number of briefcases from 24 to 20, for the very first time in this season and for this franchise, celebrities were the ones to hold the briefcases and a roulette is used to determine who among the 20 Lucky Stars would be the player of the day.

Everyone would have a chance to play, since their tenureship as briefcase holders last for a month, and they would be replaced by a new batch of celebrities every month. The number of briefcases opened in each round is brought back to the usual format used in Season 1 to 4, but instead of six cases to open first, five were first opened, then four, three, two until one case is opened in succeeding rounds.

Generally, the celebrity's designated briefcase as a Lucky Star would be their briefcase for play once chosen. However, the celebrity contestant has the option of swapping for a different briefcase, in which case the original holder of the new briefcase in play would then hold the swapped briefcase for the duration of play, then regain their designated briefcase afterwards. Contestants, who joined through text messagingare selected and screened with a series of interviews and tests, including a psychological one, before they appear on the show.

The currency of the amounts on the money board, on the briefcases, and offered by the Banker to the contestants is in Philippine pesos. Throughout the show, the peso sign is never used in all of the amounts on the money board, on the briefcases, and offers by the Banker to the contestants. The briefcase amounts reverted to the original ones for the third season.

In replacement, this season introduced a special prize hidden in one of the briefcases. This board is also significant since this is the one with least total amount, over the past four seasons. While the money board reverted to the first-season values, there were also many changes applied for the third season:. On July 10,a text-messaging game was introduced as a new segment of the show for the viewers to participate and win cash prizes.

In Katext, Deal or No Dealthere are 10 special briefcases with amounts starting from PHP5, to P50, one of which is randomly selected for play. After a briefcase is chosen, 2 briefcases are randomly opened, after Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating the Banker makes an offer to buy the suitcase in play. Viewers can text whether they want to "Deal", signifying that they accept the banker's offer, or "No Deal", meaning they will accept whatever amount is in the suitcase.

In the next episode, the suitcase is opened to reveal the amount it contains. If the amount in the suitcase is lower than the offer, one winner will be selected from those who texted "Deal", with the Banker's offer as the prize.

If the amount in the suitcase is higher than the offer, one winner will be selected from those who texted "No Deal" to take home the amount in the suitcase. The winner is chosen each day from those who texted via electronic raffle. On November 13,a segment was made that was named: Kapamilya, Katext, Deal or No Deal. Same procedures still apply, but have been modified.

On Monday, one briefcase and another has been chosen. The next day after the chosen briefcase has been opened, another briefcase is chosen, and the banker's offer is based on the briefcases already opened the previous day. This new process continues throughout the week. Along with the show's return, a Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating promo was launched, named after the first text promo Ka-text, Deal or No Dealwherein home viewers can win half of either what the contestant has won or the contents of the chosen briefcase i.

Viewers can text the contestant's possible final response of "Deal" or "No Deal. The next day, a winner is chosen from those who texted; if the contestant's final decision is "No Deal," only those who text the same response would win. On the other hand, when the contestant says "Deal," all who texted will be considered, regardless of response; what the winner would receive depends on the response. In the show's third season, the rules were modified.

Viewer could text "Deal" if the accepted offer was larger than the contents of the chosen briefcase or "No Deal" if the briefcase contents is larger than the accepted offer or the Banker's final offer if the contestant decides to say "No Deal" all the way. The correct response would depend on the outcome of the game; only those who text the correct response are eligible for prizes: P20, for the daily winners or P, for the monthly winner.

The promo was relaunched later with the same daily prizes, but this time, a Nissan Navara was up for grabs as the grand prize. In a third promotion, this time using the show's title, viewers were invited to guess which briefcase contained P3, Those who correctly guessed the said briefcase would win PHP25, plus a " nochebuena " package. Prior to the start of the 4 Million Edition, a commercial of the show was released where barangay captains were invited to join and play as studio contestants.

The aim of Tulong sa Barangay is to provide help for the needs and developments of different barangays in the Philippines by allowing the barangay captains to play as studio contestants and whatever the barangay captain will get, it will be donated to the barangay funds.

A different set of text messaging instructions are given for interested barangay captains. The first episode involving barangay captains began on February 6, On November 30 to December 1,the show finally made its first out-studio episodes at the parking lot of SM City Cebu. The stage made for the show was noticeably larger, having a larger stage and two large staircases where the models stood.

The Banker would stand at the screen behind the staircases obscured by a red clouded background. He only appeared in front of his "helicopter" whenever he made his offer. The episodes were shown from December 3 to 7 of the same year. One of the contestants happened to be the mayor of Toledo City, Cebuwho played as a regular contestant.

In this special edition, all elements of the Filipino version were used, except that the game was played by American rules, using American money and contestants.

Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal has been consistently topping on its timeslot. Season 4 posted its highest rating to date. On October 6,the show garnered Vice Ganda played in that top rating episode beating the September 13, 's From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal...

Languages Tagalog Edit links. This page was last edited on 21 Juneat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kris Aquino — Luis Manzano —; — Edna claimed that omens from her late daughter prompted her to defend her chosen briefcase 7 all the way to the end.

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Elsa Payumo donated her winnings to the Buklod ng Pag-ibig Community to complete the roof of its building. Terry is the first male millionaire, and coincidentally a bank customer service representative. "Kapamilya Deal or No Deal," ABS-CBN's version of the Over its past four iterations, three of which were hosted by Kris Aquino and one by. Kapamilya deal or no deal kris aquino millionaire dating Deal or No Deal is the Philippine franchise of Deal or No Deal presently hosted by Luis Manzano and previously by Kris Aquino First episode date 5 June Number of seasons 6.

/10 TV. Created by Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal Kapamilya Deal or No Dealquot reveals first celebrity millionaire this. Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal is the Philippine franchise of Deal or No Deal, presently hosted by Luis Manzano and previously by Kris Aquino .

Episode air date, Contestant, Deal/No Deal, Amount (in Philippine pesos (PHP)), Notes Jennel is the first millionaire of the second season, and the third ever person to win a.

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