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How to keep a conversation going by text

xXx Galleries How to keep a conversation going by text.

Text messaging has completely changed the dating game.

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Make sure the conversation goes both ways. Be unique in your text messaging style. Developing your own personal texting flair is key.

Picture this: You're texting with...

Try to respect the English language as much as possible without being too formal. And always remember that emoticons are great, until you overuse them.

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Give them a ring. Not a diamond ring! A phone call, of course.

I think we should continue this over the phone, can you talk now? If you just stop responding, this might be a sign of disrespect or abandonment to the other. I hate to do this because I really enjoyed talking to you tonight, but I have to get some sleep. Sweet dreams, sleep tight!

If you have a reason...

Make your partner feel special. Showing interest in your texting partner is so important for how to keep a conversation going over text.

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Ask them questions about their day or about things they find exciting and interesting, rather than going on about yourself, or even worse, griping.

How did you sleep last night? Patience is a virtue. Enjoy yourself, it should be fun.

When you run out of...

Anyway, playing a little hard to get almost always works! People are usually drawn to people who make them laugh and feel good. Remember that romance can be fun and playful, and even sexy.

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Pay attention to detail. Proofread your text before you press send! This subject is easy because it refers to current pop culture, which is constantly in your face via advertisements in street, television commercials, and a plethora of other ways.